Update: Dui Entry to Canada

With just months to go before Bill-C46 would have made visiting Canada extremely difficult for anyone with old DUI convictions, there has been a major policy change. According to Canada’s Immigration Minister’s recent statements in the media, “anyone deemed rehabilitated for an impaired driving offence outside Canada before December 18, 2018,”  “would not need to reapply for relief to overcome inadmissibility due to that same offence.”

If you have a U.S. DUI before December 18th 2008 you may be eligible under “Deemed Rehabilitation” to enter Canada.

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Is This Enough To Guarantee Entry With An Old DUI?

For now it appears the policy shift is enough to gain entry with a 10+ year old DUI. You do have to realize one thing. This is simply a policy shift to make up for an unintended consequence of the drinking and driving penalties made in Bill C-46.

The update to DUI entry policy shift is not a an amendment to the law and it can be changed at any time.

As it outlines on the Government of Canada’s website, a Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) or a more permanent Criminal Rehabilitation certificate can be applied for.

Old crimes are still taken very seriously by the CBSA when crossing into Canada.


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