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Today Millions of Visitors Become Inadmissible To Canada

U.S. citizens and other foreign nationals with old DUI convictions that could previously enter Canada legally, will no longer be allowed to enter the country. Additionally, convictions for marijuana related offences may also make foreign nationals inadmissible to Canada. This is a consequence of the sweeping updates to Bill C-46 that became active today.

“Deemed Rehabilitation” no longer applies to DUIs and other minor crimes making millions inadmissible.

The Unintended Consequence of Bill C-46: Inadmissibility to Canada

Until today, U.S. citizens and other foreign nationals with old DUIs and other “minor crimes” were allowed to enter Canada under a clause known as “Deemed Rehabilitation”. A “minor crime” is defined as a foreign crime with a corresponding Canadian sentence of less than 10 years . Thanks to Bill C-46 a DUI conviction now has a maximum prison term of 10 years in Canada. That change makes it a DUI conviction “major crime” as of today and “Deemed Rehabilitation” no longer applies.

Many marijuana convictions have been raised to “serious crime” status & will prevent entry to Canada.

How Can A Visitor with A DUI Enter Canada?

A foreign national, including U.S. citizens with a major crime on their record, is require to apply for either a Temporary Resident Permit or Individual Rehabilitation. We can help you successfully complete the process. For a free consultation give simply call us at (204) 488-6350 or 1-800-438-7020. Alternatively you may complete the contact form on this page.


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  1. Jack kalbfleisch Jr. says:

    I assume i still have a conviction for some sub form of dui.? In 1996 i was in an accident over the limit. Attorney said w/o him fines of $1500, or with his $1000 fee i would get lower lever conviction and fine $500. How can i find out if i can cross with my new enhance MI drivers license?

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