BORDER CROSSING SERVICES will gather personal information, (herein known as this information) criminal record history, police checks, court records and driving history to determine where the criminal record is documented. At times medical history may be required if the application submitted is on a medical basis. This personal information may contain, your name, age, date of birth, address, place of employment and a copy of your identification.

You may send this information via email. During this process, you may have provided certain information (such as name and address). This information is used only to contact you about our services and not distributed to any other parties. At your option, you may also provide demographic information (such as gender or age) about yourself and the incident that occurred in the past. This may be beneficial in assessing your case quickly.

Your consent is given prior to the search of any records. Identification (drivers license, birth certificate, passport) is provided and submitted when the request is made to the appropriate agency. At the time of interview, the system of gathering the information, and where it is sent in the application process is explained in great length. This consent may be withdrawn in writing at any time.

This personal Information may be requested from a police agency, court office, driving bureau and at times a foreign government. This may be required in order to provide BORDER CROSSING SERVICES the information that we requested

The client must sign a release form if they wish for BORDER CROSSING SERVICES to discuss the application and its information to anyone else. The information is kept on file for 10 yrs and then destroyed by a reputable information shredding service in the city. The client may choose to retain all information and therefore we will comply with their request and no longer retain this in any manner.

At any time during the process you are allowed to verify the information that BORDER CROSSING SERVICES has collected and discuss alternatives in the event that the information is inaccurate or incomplete.

Files are kept in an area of the office where clients do not have access. The files are locked. The office is locked and a reputable company monitors the premises. Cameras are in plain view of the exterior of the building to limit vandalism and break ins.

Employees sign a confidentiality agreement immediately upon commencing employment and understand the importance of discretion and anonymity. This is reviewed and reaffirmed quarterly.

An individual has the right to review the documents assembled on their behalf. You are free to make any changes before it is submitted to the appropriate government agency. The client has the right to a list of agencies where their information has been forwarded upon request to the Privacy Officer.

An individual has the right to discuss an alternative to this process, providing it does not affect the submission process. Should a complaint be made, it should be done to the Privacy Officer in writing outlining the violation, dates and incident that occurred in a chronological order.

BORDER CROSSING SERVICES will not sell, distribute or lease your personal information to any third party. This is other than those agencies that are necessary to fulfill your request. BORDER CROSSING SERVICES may email, mail or call you by telephone for information on your file. You have the right to select which method is best for you and BORDER CROSSING SERVICES will honour any special requests for privacy and confidentiality in their communication.

A copy of this policy is given to all clients that contract the service, and a copy is available on the BORDER CROSSING SERVICES web site. Clients will be made aware of any updates to this policy and the latest version will be available on the website

BORDER CROSSING SERVICES reserves the right to amend this document in the future to coincide with any internal policy changes. BORDER CROSSING SERVICES may also amend this to comply with any legislative changes or new governmental policies as they occur.