Canada Border Crossing Services Reviews & Testimonials

“I didn’t realize I even needed a permit to cross the border into Canada for a DUI charge. I attempted to cross in my vehicle and was turned back. I was referred to CBCS who obtained my permit and I never looked back. I was able to keep my trucking job and deliver freight without being afraid of denial.”

Marcus – Michigan

“As an avid outdoorsman, I loved traveling to Canada for our annual hunting trip with my buddies. You can imagine the shock when I heard my past misdemeanors would haunt me. I contacted CBCS as they came highly recommended. They obtained the proper documents quickly so I never missed another hunt. The Canadian outdoors is the most remarkable place to vacation.”

Allan – Wisconsin

“My husband and I live in the Midwest but his family still lives in Canada. I had heard something about possible problems flying in if you had a problem in your past. In my young adult years I wrote a bad check. I called CBCS and they informed me that I needed a permit to cross. You can imagine my horror in thinking that if I traveled without this, I would be put in shackles. What a way to greet my in-laws! CBCS assured me that this would not happen and they proceeded to obtain my rehabilitation. They honored my confidentiality which was important to me and my husband.”

Debbie – Illinois

“As a sales rep, my employer required me to visit our Canadian clients. Unaware to me, I traveled to Canada many times until that one fateful day. I flew into a major Canadian city and was promptly turned away because of two DUI’s in my wild and carefree days. Needless to say, as 20 years have passed, I never thought that this would affect me. CBCS was instrumental in allowing me to keep my job. Not only did they get my permit for me, they also obtained a temporary permit so my visits to Canada were not interrupted and I continued to visit our Canadian clientele. Thank you for a job well done.”

Samuel – California